VIP’s production facility is situated at Beranang Industrial Park, Semenyih, which is some 50 km from Kuala Lumpur city centre. The factory houses the Company’s corporate office, glove production facilities and warehouse. VIP also owns a adjacent piece of land, measuring approximately 3.2 acres which has been earmarked for future expansion.


"... The Company is pleased to announce that all outstanding engineering works on the new lines have been completed and they are now fully commissioned. The Company is aiming to achieve maximum production capacity from these two new lines over the next two months. The two new lines will increase annual glove production by approximately 40% to 620 million pieces, assuming all line are operating at full capacity."

"Sales orders received by the Company have been filled through to the second quarter of 2021..."

"... the Company is proposing to install up to four additional new glove production lines over the next 18 months, at its current factory premises. The expansion of four new lines would increase production capacity by up to 60% to an estimated 1 billion pieces per annum, assuming all lines are operating at full capacity..."

Extract from Company announcement dated 24 June 2020