Media News

Year 2020
30th December 2020
Samso Insights: The new world where gloves and PPE are about protecting all workers
28th December 2020
The New World Where Gloves as part of PPE Is About Protecting All Workers
10th December 2020
VIP Gloves encouraged by +200% growth in average selling price of gloves for peer
8th December 2020
VIP Gloves higher after approving dividend policy to distribute 20%-40% of profit to shareholders
8th December 2020
VIP Gloves announces 'generous' new dividend policy
30th November 2020
VIP Gloves nitrile gloves sales orders full to end of 2021 as it pushes ahead with new production lines
30th November 2020
Order Book Extended and Covid Update
27th November 2020
Writ of Summons
5th November 2020
Expansion into New Production Facility on Adjacent Land
30th Oct 2020
Quarterly Activities Report
30th Oct 2020
Quarterly Cashflow Report
20th Oct 2020
Important Notice - Product Disclaimer
15th October 2020
VIP Gloves Ltd sees 'tremendous growth potential'
12th October 2020
Q&A With StockPal - VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP)
12th October 2020
VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP) – Chen Wee Min
9th October 2020
The Business of Making Gloves - Nitrile Gloves
2nd Oct 2020
VIP – Annual Report – 30 June 2020
30th Sep 2020
VIP – Extension of Lodgement and Unaudited Financial Statements – 30 June 2020
11th September 2020
VIP Gloves director makes on-market share purchase as new production lines come on-stream
10th September 2020
Glove makers increasing selling price as demand far exceeds supply: Koon Yew Yin
7th September 2020
VIP Gloves Limited Securities Trading Policies
2nd September 2020
VIP Gloves set for revenue and earnings growth as four new production lines come on-stream to meet increased demand
1st September 2020
VIP Gloves sets stage for growth with 17% revenue increase and 102% rise in profit
31st August 2020
VIP - Investor Relations’ Updates: Corporate Presentation Slides
31st August 2020
VIP - Preliminary Financial Report (FYE 30 June 2020)
31st August 2020
VIP - Status update on the Sale and Leaseback of Land & Building
15th August 2020
VIP Gloves confident of growing PPE demand even beyond COVID-19
12th August 2020
What Kind Of Shareholders Hold The Majority In VIP Gloves Limited's (ASX:VIP) Shares?
29th July 2020
VIP Gloves leap 200pc in July as Malaysian manufacturing market stays red hot
25th July 2020
VIP Gloves sees market shift from vinyl to nitrile gloves as demand surges
21st July 2020
Gloves - a booming industry not to be ignored
20th July 2020
A Booming Industry not to be Ignored
14th July 2020
VIP Gloves gains new substantial shareholder in Malaysian incorporated company Endless Earnings
7th July 2020
VIP Gloves ramping up to meet demand in a booming global market
7th July 2020
VIP Gloves set to benefit from strong outlook for glove market as outlined in new research report
1st July 2020
VIP Gloves to boost annual output 60% with four new nitrile glove production lines
27th June 2020
A COVID-19-proof stock that is not related to gold: VIP Gloves (Samso)
26th June 2020
A COVID-Proof Stock that is not related to Gold: VIP Gloves Limited (ASX: VIP)